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Planning Matters

A. Public Engagement on Planning Applications

B. Planning Applications


A. Public Engagement on Planning Applications

Notes for the Guidance of Applicants for Planning Consent

1. The Parish Council is intending to produce a Neighbourhood Plan as soon as practicable. This guidance is intended to assist applicants for planning consent pending adoption of a Neighbourhood Plan. Applications must of course comply with The National Planning Policy Framework and with the currently adopted SODC Core Strategy.

2. The Parish has almost completed a new Community Led Plan and it is anticipated that this will be available during the summer of 2014. As part of that process parishioners were asked to complete a questionnaire which included numerous questions relating to housing and development in the Parish. The response rate to the questionnaire was (64%) and the results therefore give strong guidance to the Parish Council.

4. As part of the Neighbourhood Plan process it will be necessary to complete a formal Housing Needs Assessment, but meanwhile the Parish Council is guided by the survey results, and the following are important conclusions:

There is support for a limited number of new homes over the next fifteen years,
There is strong support for the built footprint of the village to remain the same,
There is a recognised need for Affordable Housing,
There is a need for housing suitable for downsizing,
There is little evidence of a need for further large family homes.

5. The Parish Council believes that applicants for planning consent will better attract the support of the community, and thus of the Parish Council, if they

Go through the formal process of a pre-application consultation with SODC and, as part of the process, invite representatives of the Parish Council to attend meetings with the SODC Officers, and
Where appropriate mount a public exhibition in the Village Hall as a means of gaining feedback from the community, and share that feedback with the Parish Council.

6. Although this guidance is aimed primarily at residential applications, the Parish Council believes it will be helpful for all applicants to consider adopting this approach.

7. This guidance should not be taken as committing the Parish Council to support any specific application. The guidance is correct as at the date below, but applicants should visit the Parish Council website to check that it has not been varied.

June 2014


B. Planning Applications

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